Thrice as Nice

(sugar and spice and everything badass)^3

I made some lugaw/arroz caldo/congee the other day. I prefer lugaw or arroz caldo, but I think it’s more widely known as congee. 

I recently discovered that lugaw is what it is called when it is prepared very plain. Arroz caldo is what you call it when it’s all…fancied up with little additions. I like mine with green onion, hard boiled egg, some soy sauce, a squeeze of lemon…AND FRIED GARLIC. Unfortunately, even though I totally went to the Filipino store today, I forgot to pick up some fried garlic. It’s also served with a side of fried tofu marinated in soy sauce and vinegar, but I forgot to pick up some fried tofu, too. Laaaame.

This is the ultimate comfort food. My mom would make it for me whenever I was sick. There’s onion, ginger, chicken, water and rice. You can salt it with—lol—salt, but I prefer fish sauce. It’s so gentle on your tummy, and the ginger helps ease nausea.  

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